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To serve our patients and our community with outstanding Chiropractic care so they may live healthier and happier lifestyle.

Patient Testimonials

"I was suffering from back issues since 4 yrs and after number of X-rays, MRI's also no Doctor could find the issue as it was not consistent. When I got refered to Dr Chu, it was my last attempt to get better as I was getting married soon, which was a major part of my stress. He was the most excellent doctor I ever met both professionally and personally. He was very through and understood my pain along with my day to day activities. His advise and patience got me back "my back" and my life style too. I am still following his advise. Thanks once again for everything."
-- Joy

"I have been treated by Dr Chu for three years and have found him to be an excellent chiropractor. He uses skill and finesse to obtain the results many Doctors get by sheer strength.He is very personable and provides interesting conversation. "
-- Jim M

"During the three years that I was treated by Dr. Chu, I had no chiropractic emergencies. His regular adjustments maintained chiropractic health and comfort. I am only changing chiropractors because of relocating away from the area."
-- Billie J. G

"I didn't really believe in going to chiropractors until I hurt my back. After 3 days of pain I went to see Dr Chu on a recommendation from a friend. I am so glad I did. Dr. Chu is great! My back is better now and I still go for regular adjustments. I can really tell when I miss my appointment and I feel much better when I go. I would recommend it to any one having back or neck problems."
-- Karrie H

"I will have to go further than the last poster. Dr. Chu is not one of the greatest, but THE greatest. Dr. Chu has helped me with my TMJ most of all, and I am so grateful for his healing touch. Highly professional and nice gentleman. Office is beautiful and most importantly clean as a whistle. "
-- Claire G

"I want you to know you are among the finest doctor I've seen, Eric Chu. With your attention to detail, care, help and support has been extremely helpful for my ankle recovering process. I want to tell you how pleased I am with the exceptional work done by you. Greatly appreciated"
-- Q Doan

"I have been to Dr. Eric Chu a few time and the treatment was very good. He is a great person and treats his patients well."
-- Venkata K

"After several sessions by Dr. Chu, my neck pain is getting much better. Thanks Dr. Chu."
-- K Cho

"Had trouble sleeping due to lower back hurt, went to see Dr. Chu for couple sessions and my lower back is getting better. Now I have good sleep at night."
-- V Lu

"Dr. Chu is a very personable and talented doctor who really takes his time during sessions to take care of my wife and I. He goes beyond his practice and teaches us how to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle which ultimately helped our condition and improved our wellbeing."
-- Hugh Y

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